Work experience of the psychological diagnosis and training technologies center "Іnsight"

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Authors: Oksana KravchenkoNatallia KoliadaOlena PolishchukJulia Lysenko

Abstract: The article is devoted to the disclosure of the work of the Psychological Diagnosis and Training Technologies Center "Insight". An analysis of the work of the center's specialists in the conditions of quarantine restrictions, conducting professional diagnostics, webinars, and trainings to help high school students professionally self-determine is performed. It is noted that the provision of online services is a promising area of the center in terms of distance learning. Given the requests of concerned parties for career guidance diagnosis, acquisition of skills necessary for testing, understanding their own emotions and managing emotional state, the center can work effectively remotely in quarantine as well as in the usual mode.

Keywords: Center, Activity, Social And Psychological Readiness

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001169

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