Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Clothing Human Body Database

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Weilin ZuLi PanTong YaoYiran GuHong SunJunru WangJun Wang

Abstract: This article summarizes and analyzes the current situation of clothing human database technology and application of AI technology of the clothing human databases’ using, and looks ahead to the development trend of AI and clothing human body database in future. By means of literature searching, this article mainly investigates the Chinese clothing human body databases and makes analytical comparisons between the AI applied in the construction of clothing human body database, such as data mining and neural network, and database architecture. Within AI, the processing and management of data in the clothing human body databases and the function of size database-basing classification can be improved in the big data environment. Through the investigation and analysis of the clothing human body databases, the article concludes that the AI should be combined with clothing human body databases and new technology should be used to optimize and develop the databases in future.

Keywords: Clothing Human Body Database, Artificial Intelligence Technology, Body Size Database-Basing Classification

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001180

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