The View Switching Cost Analysis by the Visuo-auditory Dual-task Paradigm

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Dongxin FuchenNingyue PengHaiyan WangYafeng NiuChengqi Xue

Abstract: View switching, for example different information density, type and magnitude, will cause additional switching cost between different scene. In this paper, the user interface of different information density will be used to explore the additional switching cost between different view transition through the dual-task paradigm. We use visual-auditory task to observe the interactive effect between the two tasks. Subjects need to do the searching and counting task in visual scene and do auditory task response in the meantime. We find that 1) view switching (information density) will generate additional switching cost from the scene of low information density to high information density by analyzing the visual task performance; 2) the mutual effect is obvious when subjects do the visual and auditory task at the same time that visual searching and counting task will expend more cognitive resources than auditory response task as the dual-task goes on.

Keywords: Switching Cost, Scene Transition, Information Density, Dual-Task, Visual Searching, Auditory Response

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001181

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