Model based on Lean Service to optimize the level of service in a Peruvian MYPE importer and marketer of medical equipment

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Juan PenafielAllison Urbina-TapiaVanessa Acevedo-QuirozGino Viacava

Abstract: The low level of service is a problem that affects MYPEs from various sec-tors in Latin America, revealing the existing technical gap compared to other developed countries. This causes various losses that affect profit and increase operating costs. That is why this study analyzes the level of service of the corrective maintenance process of a medical equipment marketer MYPE, currently being 64.4%. It was detected that it was at non-conforming levels due to reprocesses and delays within the corrective maintenance process. Based on the results of the analysis, the application of a continuous improvement model was proposed, based on Lean tools and Inventory Management principles, being validated by a pilot test. Within the final measure-ments, a considerable reduction of the aforementioned problems was obtained, generating an increase in the level of service up to 90%.

Keywords: Lean Service, Mype, Continuous Improvement, Service Level

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001186

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