Inventory planning and management model to increase the level of service in a telecommunications product distribution company

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Authors: Rosa SalasDiego Esquivel-AlvarezCesar Postigo-SanchezEdgar Ramos

Abstract: Telecommunications product distribution companies have begun to have a low level of service with their clients due to lack of stock and lost sales, these represent 54.13% of the total problems that distributors have. Inventory control plays an important role, since it gives us, in advance, generate an order and the quantity of the product. The objective is to increase the service level of a distribution company, which has the same problems mentioned initially, therefore, inventory management and planning will be implemented focusing on the ABC multicriteria, Forecast in relation to the level of service and EOQ with variable demand to minimize unfinished and / or rejected sales and reduce excess inventory. The research study wants a service level scope of 86.72% by 2019 and 98.31% by 2020.

Keywords: Service Level, Inventory Management, Telecommunications, Distributor, In-Ventory Planning

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001189

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