Design of a new plant to optimize the production capacity of a MYPE, based on the principles of Systematic Layout Planning, 5s and Project Management

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Authors: Juan PenafielEstefani Mau-DongoErick Merino-ZavaletaGino Viacava

Abstract: The case study presented analyzes the operations of a Peruvian MYPE in the plastics sector. Based on a diagnosis, a deficit in its production capacity was identified with representative costs equivalent to 9% of its annual turnover, derived from the lack of machines and inefficiencies, which even being solved would not allow to satisfy the demand, so confirmed that the company's decision was correct. In this way, a project was proposed that would allow the design of the new facilities of the company in a larger premises, with the aim of optimizing its production capacity and preventing the bad practices detected at present from being repeated, validating their viability through a virtual prototype. Likewise, based on the calculations, it would be possible to increase the installed capacity by 53.5%, exceeding the projected demand within three years by 24.90%, which would allow greater organizational growth in the future.

Keywords: Production Capacity, Mype, Plant Design, 5S, Project Management

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001191

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