Design of an exoskeleton to prevent and to take care of the spinal column of injuries of low back pain

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Authors: Heyul ChavezJean Luna-RamirezGuersom Quispealaya-LazoMadai Taype-MateoGrimaldo QuispeLuis RiveraFrancisco Dominguez

Abstract: Inside Peru and the world, the bigger bordering the force is by the muscles of the human beings to accomplish physical tasks, and the failure of these can cause a damage neuromuscular and articulations. The principal objective of the fact-finding work becomes of Designing an exoskeleton for the prevention of injuries to the spinal column of the workers, to give solution and it improves of the lumbar unmade problem a lot of effort. The Design of a lumbar, detachable exoskele-ton with easy maintenance and manufacture are shown, with the characteristics principal stop to comfortability of the worker without causing pain neither discomfort.

Keywords: Design, Exoskeleton, Joints, Low Back Pain, Neuromuscular

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001193

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