Services performance with the process standardization for tire rotation, alignment and balancing

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Authors: Ana Àlvarez SànchezAlexis Suàrez Del Villar LabastidaJonathan Santiago Guevara FloresEric Martínez Tocoronte

Abstract: Fred E. Meyers in the book Study of Times and Movements for agile manufac-turing indicates that companies that implement standardization to services and production have a yield of 85% increasing productivity with the same resources. The objective of this investigation was the standardization of the service times of the tire rotation, Alignment and Balancing processes, carried out in a service company that sells tires and complementary products, they have three state-of-the-art workstations and two male technicians who meet the requirements to per-form the functions inherent to the position they occupy. We normalize the cycles of the operations through measurement techniques and data obtained through collective observation in the jobs to determine the current situation of each of their activities or tasks, time study sheets, the Westinghouse Method and Meth-od of returns to zero, in this way the standard times and supplementary percent-ages were established. With the established proposals to reduce the percentages of the variable supplements of use of muscular force / energy to lift, pull and push a weight of 25 kg from 13% to 1% by the implementation of a hydraulic lifting table bringing it to 5 kg and the reduction from 2% to 0% of the intermit-tent and loud noise of 95 dB using hearing protectors is reduced to 85 dB and a continuous sound is perceived, total supplements were reduced from thirty-one percent to fourteen percent which leads to have better delivery times with a de-crease of 0.722 minutes for the interlocking operation and 0.60 minutes for bal-ancing, having an effective working day of 408 minutes.

Keywords: Alignment, Balancing, Interlocking, Standardization, Standard Time, Supplements.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100853

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