Integrating Big Data for measuring liver volume using algorithms by removing noise and MRI modality

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Authors: Khalda AliAMIR MOHAMEDMaram Alzaidi

Abstract: Big data is massive amount of information that work wonderfully. Due to the great potential that it has for the last two decades this topic is taking a special interest. In any analysis scientists, the way in which it leverages, manage and analyse can change. The most promising field in which big data use for making the change is measuring soft organs in the human body such as a liver organ. For measuring organ and medical imaging informatics research it increasingly used the technologies of big data. For certain advanced big data analytics methods, predictive analytics, and user behaviour analytics the term big data used. At an unprecedented scale and speed huge amount of medical imaging and visual informatics data have been collected and generated. in big data in measuring liver volume, several sources incorporate medical examination results, hospital records, devices, and patient's medical records that are a piece of the internet of things. In medical imaging, it also finds its usages. In order to treat, diagnose or monitor medical conditions to view the human body the various technologies that are used referred to as medical imaging.

Keywords: Big Data, Medical Imaging, Visual Informatics, Internet Of Things.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100856

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