Correctional and Developmental Work for Children With Down’s Syndrome and Children with Autism by Means of Color and Music Therapy

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Larisa Psheminska

Abstract: The article examines the features of the use of new approaches to correctional and developmental work focused on children with mental and physical retardation, in particular, "sun children" (with Down syndrome) and "rain children" (with autism spectrum disorder) in inclusive education. It highlights the theoretical material and owns view of the practical use of the synthesis of music and colour in the implementation of this activity. The paper elucidates the mental processes that occur during the processing of information in the hemispheres of the child's brain. It reveals the wave energy nature of colour and the associative relationship of colours with the sound of musical works. The light auditory and the creative-practical component of classes have been described. Particular emphasis has been placed on the characteristics of perception, behaviour and performance of colour music tasks by "special" children. It has been shown that our proposed program of colour music therapy has a positive effect on the emotional sphere, improves the quality of communication, and enhances the ability to self-regulation, creative activity of children.

Keywords: "Children Of The Sun" (With Down Syndrome), "Children Of Rain" (With Autism Spectrum Disorder), Art Therapy, Sensory Games

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100839

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