Voice Controlled Devices: Awareness, Usage, and Reservations of Young Adults

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Authors: Dietmar JakobSebastian Wilhelm

Abstract: Voice Controlled Devices (VCDs) are becoming increasingly popular, both as integrated voice control functionality in mobile and stationary devices and in the form of devices that can be controlled primarily by voice, such as smart speakers.Young adults have already grown up with digital technologies that can be operated via peripherals or touchscreens. It is particularly interesting whether this younger generation, familiar with conventional human-computer interfaces, will accept the voice control function. In this context, however, there is a lack of studies that address awareness, usage, and reservations of voice-controlled interfaces among young adults.This paper presents a quantitative study (n=246) that shows that while 96% of young adults are aware of VCDs, only 18% regularly use the voice control feature. However, 77% expressed concerns that their data would not be safe by using VCDs.

Keywords: Voice Control, Voice User Interface, Young Adults, Quantitative Study, Human Computer Interaction

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100840

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