Optimizing User-Specific Gait Cycle Metrics with LAAF Smart Insoles to Manage Chronic Pain

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Authors: Meher KhanRumshaa YunusAli Shafiq MalikZain HussainFaasel Khan

Abstract: Ongoing lower body pain is a pervasive problem around the world. If untreated, these issues may develop into more serious injuries and chronic pain. Furthermore, physical inactivity due to chronic pain is associated with a cluster of metabolic diseases. Current affordable solutions only address symptoms of pain without tackling the underlying root causes. By connecting users to caregivers, literature, and exercises, the LAAF - Live Active and Agony Free - platform aims to enhance the connected strategy in each user’s healthcare journey by emphasizing a holistic and complete approach to chronic pain management and prevention. The updated version of LAAF insoles brings a dynamic design, which supports multiple shoe sizes on a single flexible PCB. With the new multi-row flexible PCB design, the same circuitry is utilized to create shoe sizes ranging between US Men’s sizes 7 to 10 (Women’s 8.5 to 11.5). This eliminates the need for separate circuit designing for each shoe size, making the overall product cost-effective. Working with industrial design and engineering teams, LAAF aims to optimally place sensors to collect the most relevant data to manage chronic pain. In the updated version of the LAAF mobile app on iOS and Android, new parameters, such as double support, symmetry, weight distribution, walking duration, load, foot clearance, and fall risk have been added. These added parameters assist caregivers in diagnosing and prescribing personalized corrective measures. Detailed insights in the gait cycle encourage physical activity. Data collected from the LAAF insoles is compared to normative gait cycle data using algorithms to generate user-specific reports. Compared to current methods, the updated LAAF insoles provide the most relevant data for a new, effective, and affordable way to encourage physical activity while managing and preventing chronic pain across the world.

Keywords: Chronic Pain, Smart Insole, Wearable Device, Physical Activity, Gait Cycle

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100869

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