Deconstructing informational pathway(s) for design of haptic communicative garments

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Nils Persson

Abstract: Interacting in the perceptual process by artificial means (augmented perception) involves a) capturing and conveying environmental cues, and b) designing rele-vant interfaces toward the human receiver. Expanding communication beyond vision and hearing in the visocentric paradigm is valuable for a user living with deafblindness but in the long run also for the many opening up for new informa-tional pathways. Augmented perception, regarded as a process, is highly complex spanning incommensurable domains, mental and material, natural and man-made, active agency and passive. We deconstruct augmented perception with special emphasis on getting a common model in spite of these disparate domains. We show that translation is a proper metaphor for the sequence that is necessary for achieving a). We use this deconstruction for designing an interface for haptic communication to the receiving human including b). We hope this work will be supportive for future development of new means of communication.

Keywords: Tactile Communication, Smart Textiles, Information, Wearables, Perception

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100872

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