The emotional responses obtained from the interaction of a person with a mass-distributed virtual product derive from simple human behaviors.

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jorge Gil TejedaLorena Olmos Pineda

Abstract: It has been observed the need to understand the effects that are being derived from the mass-distribution virtual products. It is clear that these products affect in various dimensions to the users from the activation of the sensory mechanisms, anatomical responses until various cognitive processes. Through the observation of the interaction processes made by a group of normal vision users in a Website with the assignment of a task was detected: 1. A hierarchy on the process 2) Minimal activation of two sensory mechanisms 3) The type of experience that is obtained from the interaction with the mass-distributed virtual products is basically integrated of kinetic components and cognitive models 4) Virtual products generate aesthetic experiences. Networks were used to display and represent the information. The intention of these studies is to describe the type of emotional responses generated with virtual products and to reflect on how complex responses are obtained from simple human behaviors.

Keywords: Virtual Products, Website, Focal Atention, Emotions, Human Behaviors

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100873

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