Packaging Design Strategy of Female Medical Injector Under Emotional Demand

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Authors: Xun GaoLiu fuyongYong LiWanying Cheng

Abstract: The first visual perception of pharmaceutical packaging can directly affect the psychological emotion of the people who use medicine. From the user's needs, through the investigation of the cognition, will and emotion of gynecological patients in the use of disposable drug pushers, analyze the importance of pharmaceutical packaging design to pharmaceutical users, discuss the role and significance of emotional needs in the use of their packaging design process, and explore the development of the emotional design of female medical disposable drug pushers packaging; take the design practice of Kangfute gynecological pushers as an example, and integrate the emotional needs with In the case of Kangfute gynecological push dispenser design practice, the emotional needs are integrated into the packaging design to complete the push dispenser packaging design to meet the needs of the psychological level.

Keywords: Component, Women'S Health, Packaging Design, Medical Products;

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100874

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