Design of smart products for the elderly based on affordance

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Mi TianJie ZhangYuchao CaiXiaori Dong

Abstract: In today's Chinese society, the aging of the population is accelerating, and the elderly have become an important group of social concern. Research on products for the elderly is also increasing. On the other hand, with the continuous advancement of technology, smart products also occupy an increasingly important position. However, there is a huge mismatch between the use of the elderly and smart products. Understanding the perception, cognition and behavioral habits of the elderly is of great significance for designing research and improving elderly products. The affordance theory and its research methods define the function of the product from the perspective of the system level and scope of the conceptual design of the product, which can be directly mapped to the user's intentional behavior. Product matching information, thereby helping designers better grasp the relationship between products and the elderly. From the perspective of affordance, the article analyzes the perception, cognition and behavioral habits of the elderly, identifies the perception characteristics, cognitive ability attributes, and behavioral characteristics of the elderly, and summarizes and organizes the elderly's own. At the same time, it analyzes the characteristics of elderly smart products, and uses the research method of affordance to establish a research framework for smart product aging-appropriate design under the guidance of affordance, which provides a basis for the development and optimization of subsequent products.

Keywords: Affordance, Elderly, Smart Product

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100884

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