sustAGE 1.0 – First Prototype, Use Cases, and Usability Evaluation

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Authors: Adria MallolIraklis VarlamisMaria PaterakiManolis LourakisGeorgios AthanassiouMichail ManiadakisKonstantinos PapoutsakisThodoris PapadopoulosAnastasia SemertzidouNicholas CumminsBj SchullerIon KarolosChristos PikridasPetros PatiasSpyros VantolasLeonidas KallipolitisFrank WernerAntonio AscoleseVito Nitti

Abstract: Worldwide demographics are changing; we are living longer and, in developed countries, the birth-rate is dropping. In this context and motivated by the challenge of sustainable ageing, this paper presents sustAGE, a multi-modal person-centred IoT platform, which integrates with the daily activities of ageing employees both at work and outside. The sensed information allows the system to assess the state of the users and context-related aspects with the aim to provide timely recommendations to support wellbeing, wellness, and productivity. Herein, we describe the use cases, outline the overall system architecture, and introduce the first prototype of the platform implemented up-to-date. Furthermore, the results from the usability evaluation conducted with real users who used the prototype for one month are presented.

Keywords: Ageing Workforce, Occupational Safety And Health, Iot, Artificial Intelligence, Micro-Moments, Personalised Recommendations

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100895

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