Healthcare Data Management Using Blockchain: MyHealthMyData (MHMD) and PharmaLedger

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Galia KondovaAmala Arockia

Abstract: Healthcare data is important in the development of new medicines as well as in disease prevention and health promotion. At the same time, there are significant barriers to sharing health data mainly due to privacy issues. Blockchain as a tech-nology characterized by immutability, traceability, decentralization, and crypto-graphic security might provide feasible solutions to tackling challenges such as security concerns, data format inconsistency between health data providers, and data breaches caused by unauthorized access. International projects such as MyHealthMyData and PharmaLedger provide blockchain-based solutions ad-dressing the privacy preserving issues associated with health data management. This paper provides an overview of the proposed innovative solutions of the two projects.

Keywords: Healthcare Data Management, Blockchain, Data Privacy, Data Trust Management

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100897

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