Evaluation of Indicative Symbol Coding for Fighter Cockpit HUD Based on Different Environmental Background

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Xiangyang ZhangWenyu WuZiwei HeYingjing Li

Abstract: Head-up display (HUD) is an important medium for fighter pilots to obtain the flight status and flight parameters of aircraft. In this paper, the cognitive human-computer interaction process of pilots when using HUD to search information is analyzed, two groups of reaction time measurement experiments are carried out, and the statistical analysis method is used to study the pilot's cognitive speed of HUD interface. The results show that the application of box arrow is better for the application of HUD interface under different environmental conditions, and the accuracy is high, but the integrity is slightly lower than that of open arrow and closed arrow. This paper provides theoretical support for the improvement of fighter HUD display interface.

Keywords: Information Hierarchy, Visual Interaction, Symbolic Features, Cognitive Efficiency

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100904

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