Strategies for improving packaging experience design of children's vitamin D3 drops

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Liu fuyongXun GaoYong LiWanying Cheng

Abstract: Based on the usage patterns and scenarios of vitamin D3 drops for children in the existing market, this paper designs the packaging and experience of the products according to the needs of users. Emotional needs should be integrated into the packaging design of medical and health care products, fully considering the use scenarios, use processes, pain points and demand points of target groups, user psychology and other factors, reflecting the characteristics of ease-of-use, fun and convenience of health care products, and fulfilling the needs of users' psychological level. Solve the problems of inconvenient carrying, difficult capsule opening and children's resistance, and better embody the humanized design. Finally, through the design practice of floor-to-floor products, a set of optimized design schemes suitable for the packaging design of children's health care products are explored, so as to truly meet the use needs of consumption.

Keywords: Packaging Design, Emotional Interaction Design, Graphics

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100914

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