The Design and Evaluation of an Eyes-Free Touchscreen Interface

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Munyaporn PooripanyakunAndrew WodehouseJorn Mehnen

Abstract: The eyes-free touchscreen interface is a category of interfaces for controlling devices with minimal visual attention. We apply a design framework for the generation of imaginary interface layouts and propose a series of eyes-free input interfaces for menu selection, arrow control, and data entry. These are oriented around U-shaped and diagonal layouts for optimized one-handed thumb interaction. The experiment tests the participants’ cognitive performance toward the specified layouts. In addition to examining the input accuracy of eyes-free interfaces for discrete and serial tasks, interviews are conducted for more qualitative feedback on user perception. The results demonstrate that the new formats are viable for eyes-free interaction and are in line with the previous design practices of the eyes-free interface. Spatial layouts in the straight alignment (1D) placed closely to object reference frames within the functional thumb area and unified frame, enhance eyes-free performance accuracy.

Keywords: Eyes-Free Interaction, Interface Design Framework, Touchscreen Mobile

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100915

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