Developing an AI-based Coaching Chatbot: A Study on Disclosure as Effectiveness Factor in Human-Machine-Coaching

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Authors: Vanessa MaiCaterina NeefAnja Richert

Abstract: Coaching via chatbots can be classified as digital self-coaching. At TH Köln, an AI-based StudiCoachBot is currently being developed and implemented. The research focus is on investigating effectiveness factors in human-machine-coaching, especially in the working alliance. An interaction script for the coachbot was developed. The concept of self-disclosure was selected as an effectiveness factor, operationalized and its effectiveness compared to the self-developed concept of information disclosure. The use case is student coaching on the topic of exam anxiety. The Conversational AI Rasa was selected as a suitable system architecture. The effectiveness of the chatbot coaching was investigated in a study with ten students using a questionnaire. The results show that chatbot coaching is already well accepted in its current form. Information disclosure of a coachbot shows higher effectiveness in establishing a working alliance than self-disclosure of a chatbot. The study contributes to the effectiveness of digital self-coaching tools.

Keywords: Chatbot, Coaching, Conversational Ai, Working Alliance

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100917

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