Urban Spatial Narration Research Based on Hybrid Space

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Peian YaoStefano Follesa

Abstract: When smart city data and technology are now primarily used to manage public safety, energy, health, and education, the city's identity is becoming increasingly important. Cultural innovation and diversity as sustainable resources appear to be an urgency for smart cities. The advancement of virtual/digital technologies has fundamentally altered the narrative scenario of the city, and the design discipline can contribute to the development of new narrative forms through the mediation of physic systems and virtual systems. This paper analyzes which are the new ways of people interact with space in contemporary urban environments through case studies. The aim is to solve the question of how cyberspace specifically interferes with physical space in today's urban space, and what new spatial perception people have when they are moving in urban space. These cases include flash mob, hybrid games, IoTs projects. The authors attempt to understand new characteristics and trends associated with human interaction in urban spaces through the examination of these cases.

Keywords: City Identity, Hybrid Space, Spatial Perception

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100920

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