Method to Assist Zonal Safety Analysis for Large Civil Aircrafts

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Xiaoyu Song

Abstract: The zonal safety analysis (ZSA) of civil aircraft is part of the safety assessment process. It is a safety analysis method related to installation, inter-system interference, and potential maintenance errors that can affect system safety. One of the traditional methods is to combine digital prototype inspection and on-board inspection. The zonal safety conduct compliance check according to design and installation guidelines , considering system equipment installation, maintenance errors, internal and external environmental changes, etc. in the divided area. Due to the low operational efficiency of digital prototype inspection and the limited visible area for on-board inspection, the ZSA efficiency of civil aircraft based on traditional methods needs to be improved. This article put forward several improvement measures for ZSA, combining with the engineering practice of the flat rear projection virtual reality laboratory. Taking a certain type of aircraft for example, the article compares the problem-finding efficiency of the new method and traditional method, and prospects the new technology that may be combined with ZSA in the future.

Keywords: Zonal safety analysis(ZSA), virtual reality, efficiency

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001428

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