Design of tread patterns for use with novel composite outsole materials for slip-resistant footwear

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Shaghayegh BagheriKunal GideTilak Dutta

Abstract: The ultimate goal of this research is to prevent fall-related injuries for workers exposed to outdoor winter conditions through the development of slip-resistant footwear based on novel composite materials and optimization of tread pattern design to retain its properties over extended use. This research will answer the following research question: how do tread pattern design features (tread depth, shape, orientation, and surface area) effect the slip-resistance of footwear with outsoles made up of a combination of novel composite and conventional materials? The objective of this project is to identify the relationship between tread pattern and slip-resistance on icy surfaces for footwear based on novel composite materials.

Keywords: Slip-resistant footwear, Slips, Falls, Workers exposed to outdoor winter condition

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001542

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