Color Analysis and Application of Luo Fabric Based on Clustering Algorithm

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ren LongWenyi HanXin ZengYiming WangMei Ming Xiong

Abstract: Luo, a traditional Chinese silk fabric, is famous for its lightness and softness. Due to its difficulty in weaving and the lack of development in line with contemporary trends, it gradually disappeared from people's vision. Therefore, in order to clarify the color matching rules of traditional woven fabrics and complete the redesign of the intangible cultural heritage of woven fabrics, this paper introduces the K-means clustering algorithm to extract the main colors of the sorted images of woven fabrics and similar fabrics, and build a standard color card. The model with color network. Taking the design of Luo and silk products produced in Wuluo—ancient Wu land as a practical case, it is verified that Luo fabric standard color card and color network model can provide a theoretical basis for the redesign of Luo products, and provide inspiration and inspiration for Luo's color design. Decision-making suggestions to promote the inheritance and development of Wuluo intangible cultural heritage.

Keywords: Luo fabric, Color analysis, K-means clustering algorithm, Color matching design, Intangible cultural heritage

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001549

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