Making Art Through Textile

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Isabel Bieger

Abstract: Art is an important point in our life. Show our culture, our ideas, our knowledge, our creativity and our sensibility. Through art we can Know what the people think in the time of history. Art is the manifestation of beliefs, showing what people demonstrating critical capacity of the history that we are living or lived in some time. For doing art artists using different kind of material. Someone paints, others do sculptures, or even many materials are possible to use together for manifestation art and opinions. Here we will talk about textile material. The many facets of the fabric, how it can be transformed in art with creativity.We choose to talk about the work that Daisy May Collingridge do to transform simple textile in real work of art. How she manifests her opinion through art using textile like a base for after, transform into squishier. Sometimes criticized about the impact caused in the public, her brilliant idea of transforming fabric in sculpture show us her personality.

Keywords: Textile, art textile - material

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001555

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