Project Planning: A Determinant of Project Delivery to Time and Cost

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Authors: Opeoluwa AkinradewoClinton AigbavboaMatthew IkuabePeter AdekunleWellington Didibhuku ThwalaShola Olatunji

Abstract: Planning is not only the most basic of all the managerial functions, it also determines how the other functions will be implemented. With efficient project planning, utilisation of administrations, and hierarchical strategies, proper project operations can be sequenced to achieve a successful project delivery. This research study set out to appraise the project planning impact on project delivery. To achieve this, a qualitative research method was adopted in which archival data was obtained for public building projects executed between January and December 2021 within Lagos State, Nigeria. Analysis of retrieved data was done using descriptive statistics and Pearson Correlation. The findings indicated that a significant relationship exists between time overrun and cost overrun while planning techniques used for projects has a non-linear relationship with time and cost overrun experienced on construction projects. The study concluded that planning plays a major role in the successful delivery of construction projects. Hence, there is a need to incorporate adequate project planning into the pre-contract phase activities on construction projects.

Keywords: Project Delivery, Project Planning, Time and Cost Performance

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001623

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