Product Data Quality in e-Commerce: Key Success Factors and Challenges

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Maciej NiemirBeata Mrugalska

Abstract: This paper discusses basic attributes which are entered to product data in selected e-commerce platforms. For this aim, we selected and analyzed a group of attributes such brand name, product image, net content, product classification and sale country. We also reviewed the platform developers which are commonly used in e-commerce. It allowed us to provide their best practices. Furthermore, for each of the selected product attributes, an analysis was carried out in reference to presence, mandatory field and data input validators. The research results point out inconsistencies in the basic attributes of the product which lead to low product quality data. The lack of commonly available and standardized data, which could describe products, makes manufacturers create own recommendations for the e-commerce market. Furthermore, they even generate and develop their own meaning of some data. Therefore, it is urgent to undertake steps to be able to recognize correctly e-product data as this market is still new one. On the other hand, the meaning of e-product data can be greater or even different in comparison to a traditional trade. This paper provides recommendations for managers of e-commerce platforms how to cope with e-product data using a single standard for product master data and common product identifier to increase quality of e-product data.

Keywords: e-commerce, attribute, data quality

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001626

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