Assembly Line Optimization Applying a Construction Algorithm

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jennifer MayorgaJorge BueleAngel SoriaManuel Ayala-Chauvin

Abstract: The production of turbochargers is increasing in the Latin American market. However, it is performed in an empirical way. Resource optimization enables an improvement in performance that translates into time and cost reduction. The content of this paper proposes the analysis performed to a company that dedicates to the construction of these equipment, and the development of an improvement proposal based on the Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) method. On-site visits were made to gain direct insights and based on the observations the layout of the plant was developed using LucidChart software. Further, the assembly and operations diagram were created as well as the determination of the process stages. Finally, the process was optimized by applying a constructive algorithm using Computerized Relationship Layout Planning (CORELAP), which evaluated the activities for their proximity and importance. Based on this design, an optimized layout of the company operations and routes was elaborated considering the real conditions of the company. The travel distance was reduced by 71.07%, and the time spent by 84.58%. While analyzing the time spent assembling a turbocharger, a decrease of 49.4% in its values was obtained from the analysis. The results attained from this proposal validate the application of the algorithms. Thus, enabling the elaboration of inferences regarding future long-term economic savings.

Keywords: CORELAP, facility planning, plant layout, SLP

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001630

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