Low-code Development Platform for Business Process Automation: Aurea BPM

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Robert Waszkowski

Abstract: The paper introduces overall low-code platform architecture for business process automation. The architecture assumes the division of the platform into subsystems organized in the substantive layer, as well as in the layers of system management and integration. The substantive layer consists of the Design and Development, Metadata Repository, Deployment, and Runtime subsystems. The most important of them are Design, Development, and Runtime. The former allows for the development of process models in the form of diagrams and metadata, while the latter is responsible for running applications in the target environment and delivering them to end-users. Models developed in the Design and Development subsystem are stored in the Metadata Repository subsystem, which is additionally responsible for providing users with controlled user access to system resources.Designed and approved process models are made executable in the Deployment subsystem. The models prepared in this way are used by the Runtime subsystem, delivering a ready-to-use application to end-users.The article presents the architecture of the solution and the individual steps of implementing an exemplary business process.

Keywords: human-computer interaction, process optimization, smart production, low-code development platform, business processes, Aurea BPM

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001633

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