Research methods of product perceptual image recognition in Kansei Engineering

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Authors: Ruiguang Tan

Abstract: The paper studies the image recognition in Kansei engineering. Firstly, the development history of Kansei Engineering is reviewed. The early research object of ergonomics is the explicit physiological and psychological reaction generated after the interaction between human and artificial objects. This type of research object is characterized by objectivity, universality, stability and easiness to measure. Kansei Engineering extends the research object of ergonomics to the implicit psychological reaction generated by the interaction between human beings and artificial objects, which is characterized by subjectivity, difference, fuzziness and unpredictability.Secondly,the perceptual image of the product is discussed. Perceptual images in Kansei engineering are human's feelings and psychological expectations for artificial objects, as well as highly condensed and deep emotional activities. Different groups may have different perceptual images in different stages. In the study of perceptual image, it is necessary to clarify the subject and stage of the perceptual image. Thirdly, the method of product perceptual image recognition is studied. Perceptual image recognition can be divided into two stages: experiment and statistical analysis, which involves the acquisition, representation, modeling and mapping of user perceptual image with product modeling elements. Generally, the test method is to collect product sample pictures and product perceptual evaluation words, combine morphological analysis method and semantic difference method to form a questionnaire, and then select subjects for testing. A series of statistical analyses should be carried out on the questionnaire data, including factor analysis, cluster analysis, multidimensional scale analysis, artificial neural network analysis, etc. The aim of statistical analyses is to establish the mapping relationship between perceptual image and form. Finally, it points out the problems existing in perceptual image recognition, including "the purpose and subject of perceptual image recognition","Questions of subject representation". A more comprehensive research perspective and technical means should be established to study the above problems.

Keywords: Innovative Methods, Rural Culture and Tourism Integration, Design Thinking, Design Structure Matrix

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001764

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