Mining design elements of household medical products based on user comments

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Xiaoxue Zhang

Abstract: With the change of people's health concept, the increase of sub-health population and the aggravation of population aging, the proportion of family self-care in China's medical system has gradually increased, and the popularization of household medical products is unstoppable. Due to the lack of research on the user needs of household medical products, the problems of inconvenient use and unsightly shape of existing household medical products are gradually emerging. Therefore, it is very necessary to mine the real needs of users and study the user satisfaction degree of products.This paper uses user online comment mining technology to mine the characteristics and design elements of household medical products concerned by Chinese users. Firstly, we use the web crawler technology to obtain the online comment data of household medical products from the e-commerce platform, and then mine the product features concerned by users from the comment text, which provides designers with the main design elements of household medical products. Then the product features are clustered by different topics, and finally the user attention degree of product features with different topics is calculated. It is found that users of different types of household medical products pay different attention to the product characteristics of different topics, but the product characteristics of rehabilitation products are similar to treatment products in the user's attention.

Keywords: Product design, Text mining, Kansei Engineering

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001766

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