Interdisciplinary curriculum design integrating design, technology, and business

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ruowei CaoYuanbo SunShijun GeChenxi Wang

Abstract: This paper describes an interdisciplinary curriculum design that integrates design, technology, and business, aiming to cultivate students' design thinking and innovation, and entrepreneurship skills. Design thinking emphasizes desirability, feasibility and viability. Understand the concepts and methods of design thinking, technical implementation tools, and business analysis tools through literature research. Taking the basic process of design thinking as the overall framework of the course, integrating the theoretical knowledge and tools of design, technology and business for course design. Then, teaching practice was carried out in the Design Thinking and Smart Hardware Course of the School of Design and Art of Beijing University of Technology in 2021. The teaching effect shows that the interdisciplinary course teaching integrating design, technology and business helps college students to establish innovative consciousness, expand innovative thinking, enhance entrepreneurial ability, and improve collaboration ability.

Keywords: Design thinking, Technology, Business, Interdisciplinary cooperation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001913

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