Under the Era of Light Health Preservation--- The Influence of College Students' Study Pressure on Their Choice of Regimen

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Authors: Yao FangZhaolin LuYang XuMengying GaoTongtong Zhao

Abstract: To study the influence of college students' learning pressure on their health-preserving style choices, we conducted two-stage research. The first stage (research analysis): We took college students as the research object, distributed questionnaires, and collected samples. Taking the survey data of 120 valid questionnaires as research samples, and analyzing the results with statistical software, it empirically tests the relationship between college students' learning pressure and their choice of health care methods. The results showed that: 1) Academic stress had a significant positive effect on college students' drug hard-core health regimen, showing a strong correlation. The greater the learning pressure, the more students choose the drug regimen; 2) In the academic stress, the heavy scientific research task has the most significant positive impact on the college students' drug hardcore regimen, followed by the unsuitable teaching methods of teachers, and finally the time spent in the competition. The second stage (Design and Evaluation): We designed a persuasive mobile application, named Doit, aimed at the user group of college students to help them balance academic stress and physical health. The SUS usability scale is distributed utilizing an online questionnaire. The final evaluation results show that more than half of users are satisfied with the design of the application interface and believe that Doit is easy to use and easy to learn and can provide a good user experience.

Keywords: Design Psychology, College Student Group, Regimen Methods, Study Pressure, Questionnaire Analysis;Interface Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001923

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