Intelligent Cabin Innovation Through User-behavior Card Sorting co-creation Workshop

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Zhongjie XueDanhua Zhao

Abstract: With the increasing of autonomous technologies and networks, a car’s interior becomes space combined with the multi-user interface, digital services, and physical objects. it’s necessary to create a tool to assist develop the design process for new intelligent cabin scenarios. Yet only a few tools currently support ideation for it. In this paper, we present User-behavior Cards, and a workshop technique to involve quick idea generation for the new intelligent cabin. The overall aim of the User-behavior Cards is to assist a design process for cross-function design groups early in the design process. We invited cross-functional team; students of industrial design and interaction design involved in the design workshop together. The co-creation design workshop shows that User-behavior Cards are one of the design tools that can help the team to understand Human-Machine Interfaces, create scenarios design for the cabin. The results present that the User-behavior Cards are a useful source of inspiration when designing for cabin scenarios and help create ideas in a short time from a cross-function team.

Keywords: Design tools, Cards sorting, Cross-function team, Scenario design, co-creation design.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001929

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