An Exploration in Integrating Design Thinking into Chinese High School Curriculum

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Authors: Shijun GeYuanbo SunRuowei Cao

Abstract: Integrating design thinking into high school curriculum has positive effects in improving student’s key competences. The research in China so far, however, is only focused on the curriculum of individual subject with little work on multidisciplinary integration. Under the goal of developing student’s key competences, this work studies curriculum standards of all high school disciplines, combines recommended teaching approach for each subject, and proactively explores a path for integrating design thinking across all of them. As an outcome, we propose a feasible solution for integrating design thinking into high school multidisciplinary education. This can be seen as a theorical basis for deepening the reform of quality education in China.

Keywords: Design thinking, System science, Basic education curriculum reform

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001914

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