How will the smart cockpits develop and facilitate a more social space in the possible, emerging, future business models of ownership?

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Bingquan WangDanhua Zhao

Abstract: With the development of the vehicle industry and the diversification of lifestyles, as well as the prevalence of the sharing economy, the demand for intelligent cockpits is growing rapidly. If we still design from the perspective of the traditional car cockpit layout, the design of intelligent interaction and connected services will be strongly constrained. This also makes user behavior, new business models and future scenarios become the focus of this research. This paper investigates the above by questionnaire survey method as well as literature method. In this study, user knowledge of smart cockpits is obtained and the scenarios of smart cockpit usage in the sharing economy are predicted. Our findings show that user needs, user experience, EV market and business models have significant effects on the intention of smart cockpits to serve future usage scenarios and their reuse. Our findings also provide guidance and implications for the development of smart cockpits.Keywords: Smart cockpits, Sharing economy, User needs, Future scenarios

Keywords: smart cockpits, sharing economy, security, carpooling and simulator

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001933

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