Design Innovation Based on Classification Model of Intelligent Products

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Zhongjie XueDanhua Zhao

Abstract: Rencently, with the development and application of IoT, AI, and Internet technology, traditional products have been transformed into intelligent products with different levels of intelligence and improved human life’s quality. However, it does not provide a comprehensive and holistic design method for new intelligent products. The overall aims of service design are to system and experience and design research based on users, technologies, user-behaviors, environment, etc. it can provide guidance and direction for the designer and upgrading of the complex intelligent system. In this paper, we used service design thinking to give intelligent product suggestions for the design process from dependent factors, like the user behavior, technologies, material. We selected the target users, used the user journey map analyzed the stakeholder's activities, and think to extract the user value. Finally, this paper proposes a design process based on service design, which takes into account the value of the different levels of intelligent products.

Keywords: Keyword.:Intelligent product design, Design process, Service design, Intelligent level

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001934

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