Design for Product-Service System Innovation of the New Fresh Retail in the Context of Chinese Urban Community

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Authors: Ke MaRen-Ke HeMeng Gao

Abstract: This article probes the design elements of product-service system innovation in the new retail market of fresh food in urban communities in China in the design view. It outlines the path of evolution of modern retail structure innovation in the digital economy. The aim of the researchers is to expand the theoretical analysis horizons for the product-service method. The literature review delves deeply into fresh retail and its development process, consumer transition, and product-service system. In this study, a double-case study method is preferred to analyze the two main new retail models (Missfresh and Freshippo) in China and compare them. The researchers describe the systematic innovation of new fresh retail in urban communities under the influence of emerging technologies in products, services, scenarios, and structures. Additionally, the sameness and distinctness of different types of fresh new retail platforms are excavated. The researchers construct a three-dimensional model of product-service system innovative design of new fresh retail in urban communities, expounding it from three dimensions of satisfaction unit, horizontal aspect, and vertical aspect. The purpose of this study aims to open ideas for the research on product-service system innovation of new fresh retail in urban communities and give reference value for the design and practice of new fresh retail in the future.

Keywords: product-service, system innovation, new fresh retail, digital technology

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001936

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