Interactive Animation Design of Egyptian Totem Elements under the Digital Media Technology

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Qiaoling ZengMingu LeeJuhyun Eune

Abstract: This paper is a record of the creation process based on the cross-over study of visual, animation, and interaction design of ancientEgyptian totemic elements with the use of digital media technology. Through an in-depth analysis of the creation process of theanimation interaction work from an art design perspective, this paper points out the importance of theme setting as well as thepotential problems during the process of visual, animation, and interaction design, and puts forward the corresponding solutions.In addition, a systematic summary of the design concept in the animation interaction as well as other additional concepts is madethrough the work Tutan, which is presented in the paper.Tutan consists of 22 groups of single-module elements derived from ancient Egyptian totems, which were dismantled and reorganizedto reconstruct the main picture. Through the use of animation and interaction design, the designer aspires to build a connectionbetween people and the work Tutan, in an attempt to promote the ancient Egyptian culture among the general public, entertain theviewers, and establish a connection between culture, technology, viewers, and the work itself.

Keywords: Interactive Animation, Media performance, Digital interaction

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001937

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