Morphological representation framework and feature cognitive mechanism of automobile styling stance: an embodied cognition perspective

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Tiantian LiZiyou SongXuguang Zhu

Abstract: This paper proposed the embodied recognition mode (ERM.) and defined 18 stance feature indexes of automotive styling stance to established a morphological representation framework from two aspects. The feature and semantic relationship between the feature combination ("front mask incl.-rear mask incl.") and the styling stance ("offensive-defensive") were studied to further investigate the cognition mechanism of the CSS. The differences between cognition and semantics of the styling stance in the four states of feature groups were found,and there are differences in the cognitive effects of attitude between single features and feature groups.

Keywords: Automotive Styling, Automotive Styling Stance, feature cognition, Morphological representation, embodied cognition

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001938

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