Experience And Interaction - Application Of Audiovisual Synesthesia In Interactive Devices

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Authors: Jian Zhou

Abstract: Background: As material culture improves, people's need for spiritual culture becomes more and more urgent. Art exhibitions are an important way for the public to participate and absorb cultural and spiritual nutrients, and the interactive installation works in the exhibition are a favorable form of creation that can bring the audience closer to the works. However, the diversity of audiences and the varying degrees of professional inculcation have led to some audiences being turned away. This situation extent an obstacle to the dissemination and development of the arts.Aims: The interactive installation removes the distance between the audience and the artworks, enhances the interactivity and experience between the audience and the artworks, and diversifies the exhibition format and enriches the visual language.Method:Through the variety of exhibition displays, new forms of artistic expression are discussed. Specifically, the phenomenon of audiovisual association and the correlation characteristics that exist between audiovisual factors are studied, key influencing factors are extracted and applied to the creation of interactive installation artworks, opening up the way of perception for the audience to recognize the works through multiple channels.Consequence:Through the creation of the experimental works, it was found that there is a cross-correlation between the sound and the visual presentation in the interactive installation; secondly, the audience is transformed from a single spectator to a participant. Compared to static installations or sculptures, interactive installations with audio-visual associations have unparalleled advantages in terms of creative dimension and cognitive engagement with the work.Keywords: audiovisual synesthesia、 interactive artwork、 sound consciousness、experience、exhibition

Keywords: audiovisual synesthesia、 interactive artwork、 sound consciousness

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001939

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