Interface design of three-dimensional virtual teaching situation based on psychological schema theory

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Zhengtang TanXiangyu YaoZhu YiMeizhen Den

Abstract: By analyzing the interface design process of the virtual simulation software of digital skirt design in Hunan Normal University, this study puts forward that based on image schema, users' thoughts and behaviors in the process of learning and operation can be metaphorically interpreted, and then the interpreted users' thoughts and behaviors are mapped to the corresponding visual contents expressing specific functions in the corresponding interface dimensions by using matching psychological schemas such as UP-DOWN", CONTAINER and LEFT-RIGHT. Based on this, an interface design method suitable for 3D virtual teaching software is constructed, which can enhance the fluency in the operation process, reduce the psychological burden of students in the knowledge learning process, and provide services for better virtual simulation teaching experience.

Keywords: Image representation, human-computer interaction;Design method

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001940

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