Online Teaching Platform of Design Thinking Workshop

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Chenxi WangYuanbo SunQianqian LinRuowei CaoYinan Che

Abstract: This paper aims to discover the problems encountered in conducting design thinking workshops online, which is also the starting point and the anchor point of the online teaching platform design. Through literature research, the problems existing in the existing teaching platform were obtained, and the competitive analysis was carried out to obtain the most suitable teaching platform for conducting online design thinking workshops. An online teaching experiment was carried out to explore the specific problems existing in the online design thinking workshop. The results show that the problems of online design thinking workshops can be summarized in four areas: technology, collaboration between groups, insufficient interaction between teachers and students, and lack of atmosphere. The findings of this study can be translated into user requirements in the future, and then transform the functionality of the teaching platform and carry out the design of the teaching platform.

Keywords: Design Thinking, Teaching Platform Design, Workshop, Educational Information

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001915

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