Making Human-AI Interactions Sustainable: 7 Key Questions for an Ergonomics Perspective on Artificial Intelligence

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Myriam FrejusDounia LahoualMarion Gras-Gentiletti

Abstract: Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have led to new forms of human-AI interaction and confirmed the need for human-centered AI design. But what are the human factors that need to be addressed for successful AI design? This paper looks at seven key questions critical to designing human-AI interactions in a sustainable way. It also examines recent and emerging factors in relation to challenges posed by earlier forms of automation and AI (such as expert systems). The aim of our research is to propose a framework for multidisciplinary efforts essential to human-centered intelligent system design; it identifies potential activity centered ergonomics contributions and the issues that need to be addressed through situated studies of sociotechnical systems and human activities.

Keywords: Human, AI interaction, activity centered design, activity centered ergonomics

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001948

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