Integrated design of electrical equipment bay layout for civil aircraft based on ergonomics

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ruina Tian

Abstract: A large amount of electrical and electronic equipment is arranged in the E-E bay of a civil aircraft, which is one of the most densely arranged zones on the aircraft. Since the E-E bay is also a zone that needs to be inspected and maintained frequently, the ergonomic design of this zone is also particularly important. Generally, in order to improve the cargo space of the aircraft, the E-E bay should carry out the comprehensive integrated design of the space layout as much as possible under the premise of meeting the inspection and maintenance requirements, so as to improve the space utilization rate. From the perspective of ergonomic design of the E-E bay, this paper proposes the integrated design concept and implementation path of the system layout in the E-E bay for maintenance personnel. Furthermore, ergonomic design considerations are put forward from the aspects of accessibility of maintenance channels, system space allocation, and integrated design of system equipment racks, LRU maintenance, and equipment disassembly. This paper has reference significance for carrying out the system integrated layout design of E-E bay based on ergonomics.

Keywords: E-E bay layout, Civil aircraft, Ergonomic, System

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001950

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