Calculation of color visual beauty in the foreground of text coverage on the interface of rehabilitation robot

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Shu Yuyu

Abstract: The interface color of medical rehabilitation robot directly affects the operation experience of rehabilitation doctors. Text overlay image of visual interface type is one of the common interface layout methods. This paper aims to explore and experiment the influence of color contrast on picture clarity and balance in the man-machine interface with text covering part of the foreground. This paper has two hypotheses. In order to test the hypothesis, relevant pictures will be prepared before the experiment; Using the method of subjective questionnaire and objective MATLAB quantitative calculation data, the experimental data related to the hypothesis are obtained and analyzed, the conclusion is obtained and further discussed. The experimental conclusions are as follows: first, as the color contrast between the text and the foreground in the picture increases, the definition increases. When the color contrast reaches the maximum, the definition may be slightly reduced due to too strong color stimulation; Second, as the color contrast between the text in the picture and the foreground increases, the color weight of the area covered by the text in the foreground increases, and the balance of the picture will change.

Keywords: Rehabilitation robot, interface, text overlay on foreground, vsual beauty

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001951

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