Exploration and Practice of Progressive PBL in costume design course: The Example Engineering and Design College of Hunan Normal University

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Authors: Zhengtang TanZiqin LuoShuang Lin

Abstract: This study aims at the problems of college students' education in China's fashion design specialty, such as fragmented knowledge system, an unnatural connection between courses, and slim employment prospects. Taking "knowledge innovation" as the theoretical model, "project-driven" as the teaching intervention approach, and aiming at optimizing the curriculum system of fashion design specialty and improving the knowledge learning ability and employment scope of college students, the educational reform practice of series design courses was carried out. Use field observation method and this paper observed the four learning stages of fashion design major in the National Teaching Demonstration Center of Fashion Design and Engineering Practice of Hunan Normal University from freshman to senior. By introducing four categories of projects, namely, "competition, innovation and entrepreneurship, enterprise innovation and enterprise practice," the four knowledge types of construction, practice, distribution, and collaborative design gradually promoted the renewal, expansion, and iteration of students' knowledge design level. This study summarizes the "progressive project-driven" teaching mode of fashion design specialty. It is found that the "progressive project-driven" teaching mode can assist the organic connection between courses, help students learn various knowledge of fashion design step by step, and improve their creative thinking ability.

Keywords: Fashion design series courses, Project driven, Progressive inquiry mode

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001916

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