Bespoke and Repetitive: Converging Technologies in the Design of Custom Products

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Zerong YangJason Germany

Abstract: The growth in Industry 4.0 marks a change in some ways that products will be created as well as the ways in which professions like industrial design will continue to grow. Advances in technology, data, and analytics will increasingly give designers the ability to develop customized or bespoke products for a range of end users. Specifically, the intersection of 3D surface scanning, generative design and digital fabrication could trigger this growth. This paper examines how the intersection of these technologies is currently being leveraged by designers for bespoke solutions and identifies growing opportunities and attributes that make the design of customized repetitive use products a strong candidate for adoption of these digital tools.

Keywords: bespoke, 3D scanning, generative design, rapid prototyping, industrial design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001952

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